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Elena has a hole in her litter bag and all the numbers she’s collected have fallen out.  Can you help her find the missing numbers by completing these Maths sums?

Why not take a trip to the beach and see what interesting things you can spot using our scavenger hunt checklist.

We love a good brightly coloured picture here at Clean Seas Please headquarters. Can you colour in these two sea turtles.

Help Gully the Sea Gull and Squidly Diddly fight the Bad Bottle Gang by completing their tricky challenge.

The Bad Bottle Gang are back with their tricky challenges. Can you help Gully and Squidly Diddly fed them off?

Here at Clean Seas lease we love a good story. Can you tell us an amazing tale from under the ocean? Don’t forget to share it with us.

Elena has been struggling with her school work all day. Can you help her understand her Maths homework.

Maps are very important when navigating the ocean, but they can also be lots of fun. Use the blank map to create your very own treasure map.

The Bad Bottle Gang have really made a mess of the ocean this time. Help Gully the Sea Gull get all the rubbish out of the water by completing the sums.

Cinnamon the Cat has been busy making these colourful flashcards. Cinnamon says they’d also make a great matching pairs game if you print off two copies.