Angling Movie Full

Angling Movie – Meet Squidly Diddly One of our wonderful volunteers has created this great animation for us at Clean Seas Please, SO it’s time to introduce Squidly Diddly.

Meet Soul #SoulOfTheSea

Welcome to our newest member of the Clean Seas Please character gang! Without further ado, let’s have him introduce himself to you! #SoulOfTheSea Hello all! My name is Soul the Seal.   I know my name can come across as an unusual, but my parents chose that one because they saw how much soul I …

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Recycling Health Protection

In our previous blog was mentioned how in some ways the recent state of the world has been great to the environment. As heavy industries are shutting down and there are fewer cars on roads, decreasing the greenhouse gases and improving air quality. That being said due to the pandemic throwaway culture risks to come …

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Things to do While Stuck Home

By Noora   Now that almost the whole globe is in a lockdown and people are advised to stay indoors and avoid as much social gatherings and travelling as possible. Living in isolation and unknown times, can not only be stressful but can be a bit boring at times when all the shows have been …

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