We are looking for Ambassadors!

Are you someone whose involvement in the community is outstanding? Someone who does voluntary beach clean ups? Someone who is passionate about getting the message out there about the current environmental issues and is keen to make a change? If any of the above applies to you or you know someone, we would love to hear from you!

Youth Ambassadors

Anyone who is 18 or under and is passionate about our local environment, has clean up the area they live, or promoted environmental issues somehow.

Clean Up Ambassadors

Anyone who is passionate about or enjoys spending some time litter picking in their free time.

Businesses with ethical practices

Any business in the local community that has been adopting environmentally ethical practices. We would like to give a shout out to business who have gone out if their way to be behave in a more environmentally conscious way with attention to the cleanliness of our seas.

We would also love to recruit volunteers.

Beach School Ambassadors

We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in working with children in our beach school sessions.

This might include: setting up sessions, running an activity, planning an activity, risk assessments.

Events / Advocates Ambassador

The Clean Seas Please team could use a helping hand at events. Role would include, for example: setting up and packing away, supporting our stall and speaking to the public about our core messages and issues surrounding the bathing water quality locally.

Promotional Ambassador

There is much more to a project than reports or attending events. In the digital world, where everyone receives information online, we need to keep up as well. Therefore, online and social media presence is just as important.

Can you help us: edit our social media pages, write blog entries, or sharing the word about what we do in the area?

We can provide free food hygiene level 2 training (relevant to beach schools), risk assessment training, and first aid training to all our volunteers. We believe these would be some great skills to put on your CV.

Contact us for more details on our Facebook page or alternatively by e-mail: lindsay.white@rva.uk.com