Ways to recycle your Single Use Plastics

As convenient and easy to use plastic is, we are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year. Around half of all plastics are only used once, but will remain on the planet for hundreds of years. (For more plastic free alternatives please visit our previous blog).

To help reduce this plastic waste we can reuse and recycle, especially single use plastics, for it to have a longer purpose.

Below we have gathered ideas and instructions for how to reuse single use plastic while being creative.

Bottle Planter

  • Cut the bottom third of a 2-litre bottle.
  • Paint the bottle the colour of your choice.
  • Optional: Use parts of or the rest of the bottle to cut. out ears for a cat or dog (perfect for little kids).
  • Draw any features on the bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with seeds or soil or already a plant.
  • You could even use bottles to plant herbs.

Making artworks

  • Create a mobile collage.
  • Use bottle bottom as a paint stamp on to paper or fabric to make a design – could be used to create wrapping paper, fabric bag design, and more.

Skipping Rope

  • DIY plastic bag jump rope. Watch instruction video here

DIY Pencil Holder

  • You will need: Plastic bottles (different shapes and sizes), a knife, scissor to trim rough edges and a steam iron
  • How to do: Using the knife, remove the upper part of the bottle, and use the scissors to trim rough edges. Lastly, place the bottle onto the Steam iron to smooth the rough edges so you won’t hurt yourself.

To share ideas of your own please comment below or email hello@cleanseasplease.uk