Unblocktober – the fight against F.O.G.s (part 2)

5 tips to reduce F.O.G.s (fats, oils, greases) at home and in your community. + 3 extras

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  1. DO scrape food scraps into the trash or compost. If and when it is not possible you can pour cooled oil or grease into a container; then seal and discard with your regular trash or recycle it. If it is too hot pour it into a heatproof dish, leave it to cool then scrape it.
  2. DO wipe off oil and grease from pots, pans, dishes before washing them up in the sink.
  3. DO use washable/reusable wipes instead of single use. If single use wipes are required then dispose of these in the general waste, please do NOT flush down the toilets and drains.
  4. DO put baskets/strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps; then empty contents into the trash or compost.
  5. DO reuse oil up to two times, but only if it has NOT been heated past its smoking point, NOT changed colour or oil that looks cloudy. You can do so by using a skimmer to skim off any floaters and large pieces of debris that might be lurking in the pot and bin them.

TOP TIP: Increase the life-span of your cooking-oil by using a thermometer. Overheating oil will get it to break down into unusable form.

Low-waste tip: stain used cooking oil through a coffee filter use again even 2 times. After straining, store the oil in a jar in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. Cooking oil takes on the flavour of the food you’ve cooked in it, so if you’ve already used it to fry some garlic veggies then reuse it when you’re cooking a dish with similar flavours!

Fun Tip
You can create your own bird feeder using the suet/lard leftover from cooking things like sausages/bacon.
All you need is a handful of bird seed and peanuts and/or sunflower seeds (unsalted), some raisins or graded cheese, dry leftovers of oats, bread or cake. One you mixed these ingredients in a mixing bowl, you can either cover a pine cone with it (make sure you attach a piece of string to cone before doing so) or you can just form balls by hand.

If your suet is too solid you can melt it in a saucepan before mixing it with the dry ingredients. BE SURE to let it cool down before touching it!

If you find that you have more suet-seed mix than you need, pour that into a freezer-safe container and keep it frozen so you can use it in the future.

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