The best 10 plastic alternatives – we have tried them all

Plastic is a very hot topic when discussing global warming. Plastics are commonly used due to its diverse usefulness. It can be coloured, melted, shaped and squashed into a multitude of different shapes or forms. However, plastics are frequently littering cities, oceans and waterways as well as increasing health potential problems in animals and humans.

According to Sea Turtle Conservancy, over 1 million marine animals such as fish, turtles and birds are killed each year due to plastic in the ocean.

Because of this, we are very passionate about advocating the use of less plastic, especially single use plastics, in our everyday lives and providing suggestions on how we as a society can incorporate more eco-friendly, less wasteful ways of living.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

They are zero waste, reusable and washable. They come in plastic free packaging and come with a little wash bag. The one we tried £13.99 for 21 pads on Amazon. Click here to have a look. There are, of course, plenty of alternative brands available.

Reusable cotton buds

Here is a compostable and biodegradable alternative and comes in recycled packaging. £5.49 for 300 pcs (found on Amazon).

Glass water bottle-

Ryaco Water Bottle made of borosilicate glass. It can preserve the natural fruit flavor of your drink to prevent oxidation. It comes with a Portable Carrying Sleeve in 14 different colours.

Bamboo toothbrush-

Bamboo toothbrushes are becoming ever popular and there are several brands now on the market. We’ve been trying out this brand from Booaluo.

Boobaluo £2.65

Bee’s wax wraps –

Bee’s wax wraps are also increasing is popularity and use. These can be purchased or you can actually make your own version which can be a great little activity to try with children.

Amazon, £11.59 or Boobaluo, £15.00

Produce Mesh Shopping Bag

We have seen many people with these produce shopping bags. They are amazing! Set of 9, £13.49 on Etsy OR set of 4, £11.50 on Amazon

Straws, various options –

When it comes to thinking about straws, one of the most commonly found items of litter in our environment, you will find many great alternatives. We would recommend dropping the use of straws as much as possible, but where is this isn’t then straws come in various environmental friendly materials. Some of our favourites are; metal straws which can be cleaned and reused, paper straws (easily biodegradable), or (we’ve yet to try) pasta or apple straws – yes this is a thing. Apple straws are also edible, so no waste left at all.

Apple Straws £39.99 for 200

Pasta Straws £29.99 for 375

Metal Straw set of 4, £4.00 Amazon

Paper Straw £2.00, TESCO

Bamboo cups –

Get yourself one of our Clean Seas Please reusable bamboo coffee cup. You can either pick one up at one of our events (regularly updated on our Facebook page). Alternatively, you can contact us directly here. We accept donations as a form of ‘payment’.

+ Tips to reduce your plastic waste:

  • Instead of buying vegetables and fruits packaged in plastic, traditionally found in large supermarkets, try switching to non-packaged and farmer’s market products – Buying local also helps support smaller businesses and independent retailers.
  • Meal prep your lunches in reusable containers – Not only does this save you money and is typically healthier, but also saves waste.
  • Use plastic packaging as a trash bags (e.g. buy toilet paper in bulk and use the big bag as trash bag). When reducing isn’t an option, reusing is the next best alternative.

If you have any great tips or produces of your own to share please comment below or via our social media pages, we’d love to hear from you.