Recycling Health Protection

In our previous blog was mentioned how in some ways the recent state of the world has been great to the environment. As heavy industries are shutting down and there are fewer cars on roads, decreasing the greenhouse gases and improving air quality.

That being said due to the pandemic throwaway culture risks to come back creating mountains of plastic litter and tons of rotten food. Now single use plastic is more popular than ever and people are panic buying disposable like water bottles and other products wrapped safely in plastic like hand sanitizer, tissues and food. Also sanitizing wipes used to wipe all surfaces that come in a single-use plastic container and or using disposable plastic gloves or face masks that contain plastic.

People who work to recycle are at the most risk since they handle contaminated items and many are stopping the service due to health and safety concerns. And now even bottles, cans and cardboard are going straight to the dump.

To help the ocean and it’s inhabitants to not digest more plastic waste and keep pollution in check, people are urged to do the best they can to recycle items used to protect their health during these horrific times. We can keep ourselves safe and the environment.

Stay safe you all.

To help recycle here is a link to how to recycle disposable gloves and face masks: