Meet Soul #SoulOfTheSea

Welcome to our newest member of the Clean Seas Please character gang!

Without further ado, let’s have him introduce himself to you!


Hello all!

My name is Soul the Seal.


I know my name can come across as an unusual, but my parents chose that one because they saw how much soul I had to give with my happy, emphatic and bubbly persona! My favourite thing to do is to play with my seal friends and explore the waters. These adventures have put me in a lot of trouble lately as you can see, I’m quite tangled.

It was just normal sunny day when me and my seal friends decided to go explore the shallow waters which was were usual for us. The other day in our adventure we found a beautiful starfish and sometimes we can even see orcas! But back to the story, sorry I got distracted!

We were exploring and playing but then out of nowhere something hit me straight in the head. I panicked and started swimming faster and faster away from the thing that hit me. After few second, I noticed that my swimming was getting more difficult and then I realised that the thing that hit me was a fishing net and it was wrapped about my body tight.

When I arrived back to the rocks to my family, we tried to get it off of me but without success. The net has been around me for few days, and it is starting to really bother me but that hasn’t stop smiling!

Well that’s my story so far, I hope to seal you guys in next posts and blogs! J