Climate Change and the Corona Virus

By Noora

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the governments’ efforts to stop it from spreading by limiting social connections of people, the majority has stayed and worked from home. In Finland for example, the most virus spread region is in isolation and people cannot travel no longer to it or out of it. Due to the pandemic, businesses have closed their doors, flights have been cancelled and moving altogether has stopped. Nevertheless, there is life at the end of the tunnel, because due to people moving and travelling less, the air pollution has fallen rapidly since the coronavirus. Also, emissions that create the gas house effect on the planet have fallen down. There are even pictures of the nature taking over, for example in Venice, the canal water has cleared and there are even dolphins swimming in it!


The same good news regarding the fight against the climate change have been published around the world. In the US alone, traffic levels have decreased 35% which has impacted emission by lessening 50% (Columbia University)! Even in the most polluted country in the world, China, has experienced drop in emissions and energy that has resulted in blue skies over the big cities. Even Nasa’s satellite images show cuts in air pollution.


Even during these horrific times, we can clearly see what the humans have done to the planet and what would be the causes if we together limited our travelling and emissions. Hopefully in the future, people are more likely to work from home rather than an office as well as organise business meetings from the comfort of their own home online over flying to an actual face-to-face meeting, because otherwise the short-term effects will stay short-lived. However, this change would not only be less costly and created more free time for individuals, but it would also benefit the globe and the future generations.



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