Clean Seas Pledge- New Year, New Beach

Clean Seas Please are launching a new campaign for 2020. Using the hashtag #CleanSeasPledge we invite residents and visitors within Hastings and Bexhill, UK, to make a small and simple pledge (New Years resolution style) that will have a positive impact on the bathing water quality for our seas.

Story so far

During the 2019 Hastings Herring Festival we trailed our #CleanSeasPledge campaign with the help of our Hastings Herring.

Visitors were asked to write a pledge on one of the colourful scales. Something they felt they could easily commit to.

The Hastings Herring

People from all age groups were more than happy to support the campaign and it really gave us the opportunity to speak to everyone in more detail.

Pledges received

We’ve already receive some great first pledges including: *I will attend a beach clean. *My aim is to use less plastics. *I pledge to encourage my writing group to start using reusable cups instead of single use. *To not flush anything except the 3 P’s (pee, poop and paper). *I’ll ask other people to take care of our environment. *To use glass bottles of water and cooking oil.

Now it’s your turn…

There are many more possible pledges besides the examples we’ve given. Why not have a think and then let us know your pledge using the Hashtag #CleanSeasPledge on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Alternatively you can email us directly by emailing

#CleanSeasPledge poster