5 Easy ways to be more environmentally friendly at home

By being environmentally friendly we can protect the planet by helping to reduce our carbon footprint, in so doing we can help to protect wildlife and slow the effects of global warming.   Here are some easy ways to do this:   Microfiber bags:  Microfibers are tiny threads released from fabric. When fabrics are washed countless plastic fibers are released. Making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans causing harm to the environment as they poison the food chain and waterways. Microfibre bags catch the fibers before they are rinsed down the drain, stopping them from reaching the oceans.   These are available to purchases from  John Lewis £10  & Tala £24   Homemade Cleaning products:  By creating your own cleaning products it reduces your use of single use plastic as you can reuse the same bottle. You will also no longer have harmful chemicals in your home and an added bonus is that it is a cheaper alternative.   For more information and recipes please visit; Friends of the Earth website  https://friendsoftheearth.uk/lifestyle/homemade-cleaning-products-5-fantastic-recipes  Eat locally:  By buying from local independent stores, such as butchers and greengrocers, we  can reduce our carbon footprint, supporting local business and helping local employment. The large supermarket chains produce huge amounts of fossil fuel energy through their distribution networks.   Conserving water: By using less water and reusing it as much as possible, where you have a meter you can save money. You also save energy as this is used in the supply of water resulting in reducing your carbon footprint. Easy ways to do this is by turning your tap off when brushing your teeth, take a shower instead of bath and use water butts to catch rainfall (which you can then use to water your plant clean your window etc)   Water butts – Amazon £27   Plastics can cause a lot of issues to the environment, it takes a long time to break down, causing harm to animals through harmful toxins.  You can reduce your use of plastics by using bags for life when doing your shopping, having water bottles that you fill up, using mental straws and minimise buying products that are in food packaging. Metal straws, £5 Amazon Reusable produce bags, £8 Amazon   Stay safe and help save the environment, any small changes help!