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Join our ‘DEEP SEA DIVERS’ in discovering what lies beneath 


Join our ‘ORCA POD’  and find our secondary level educational resources  


Join our ‘DOLPHIN SCHOOL’ and find our primary level educational resources 


Join our ‘SEAL RAFT’ to find our early years educational resources


Our aim is to show the scale and facts of the problems we are facing in 4 key areas.  

– Single Use Plastic 

– Beach Use

– Plumbing 


But we don’t want to just talk about the problems, we also want to focus on the solutions. The actions being taken around the world to tackle these issues



Since the initial Clean Seas Please Champaign was successful why are we back? Since the results came in on (DATE) That we had passed our sea water quality check as is human nature we have become a little bit complacent. So slow but surly our water quality has been drifting back down, Reaching the point we’re we where once again under risk of having Red Flags Flying on our beaches.


This isn’t an issue than can be solved by a few people, it needs the buy in of the whole community. So what are we doing, we are going out to schools, local events, business talking about the issues, why they matter to them, environmentally, health, economically, ect. and what we could all do help.

We also run regular beach cleans as well as promoting other local groups who have complementary goals